Plan a Reinstatement Services for your Premises?

When the lease period is end and you are looking for someone to reinstate your premises to the original condition and hand over to your lanlord, you need someone is able to provide total solution for not just to dismantle, demolish, but having quick response on rebuilt it with reasonable standard.




Reinstatement includes:


Reinstatement  Specialist

A one-stop, hassie-free service for handling over of the unit/outlet to the landlord in its required condition!

We handle the following fields :-  

  • Setting of hoarding board
  • Hacking of flooring wall
  • Removal of partition wall
  • Dismantle of ceiling works
  • Removal of furniture/ equipment
  • Removal of glass works and carpets
  • Removal of unwanted sanitary/ Plumbing
  • Dismantle of unwanted electrical wirings and unwanted power point
  • Re-location of sprinkle works
  • Dismantle of unwanted air-conducting
  • Refurbish ceiling/ walls
  • Wet works/ laying of new cement screen
  • Paintings/ varnishing
  • Clearing debris/ general cleaning


HDB hacking & disposal Painting works Haulage services
3rms – fr $2,400.00

4rms – fr $2,800.00

5rms – fr $3,300.00

3rms – fr $900.00

4rms – fr $1,100.00

5rms – fr $1,400.00

0900hrs to 1800hrs – fr $300.00

2 general workers with necessary trolleys and etc.

Plastering works Waterproofing works Partition works
Wall – fr $2.00/sqft

Ceiling – fr $3.00/sqft

Quicseal 104 – fr $3.00/sqft Gypsum board – fr $9.00/sqft

Hollow blocks – fr $11.00/sqft

Partition twin sided – fr $4.00/sqft

Carpentry works Ceiling works Labour for tilling works
Kitchen Low Cabinet – fr $130/ft run

Kitchen High Cabinet – fr $150/ft run

Solid Top – fr $110.00/ft run

Wardrobe full height – fr $280.00/ft run

Dropper ceiling – fr $2.80/sqft

L-Box – fr $7.50/ft run

Cove light – fr $9.80/ft run

Curtain L-Box – fr $7.80/ft run

Floor – fr $3.80 per sqft

Wall- fr $4.20 per sqft


Tell us your requirement – No obligation site survey – Call us today 6100-2107

Our quotation will always based on dismantling service for non-structure, non M&E works and special features without site visit or inspection.

Separate quote for covered or unforeseeable items or relocation of M&E services can be arranged when on-site discussion.

If in the process of dismantling work, we found out that exitsing fixtures are involved some structure work, hidden services, we may seek your advise and get some other trade specialist or approval to continue the work. All the other associate cost may be bill separately for unforeseen work.

There is no too small or too big job for us.